When I think of the word ‘truth’, I generally think of a not-lie. It’s something someone told me in their attempt to communicate honestly. But that’s really just truth to the best of our knowledge. It’s our construction of the world. What happens when you have an encounter with real Truth?

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32)

Truth changes the way you look at things. Encountering Truth is like going to the eye doctor and seeing through corrective lenses for the first time. If you have never had this experience, it is somewhat difficult to describe how it feels. I remember vivid details of eye exams, and it’s because I was so stunned looking those dorky looking lenses they give you. I could see so much more! I couldn’t go back to my old prescription now that I knew how much I had been missing. Truth opens your eyes to what you’ve been missing.

Truth compels movement. “To know and not to act is not to know” – Richard Rohr. Truth changes the way you see things AND do things. It doesn’t force you to change – instead you realize what you’ve been doing wrong (or perhaps what you haven’t been doing that is right) and change naturally (although sometimes abruptly).

Sometimes, elements of this ‘litmus test’ cause us to unwittingly avoid Truth. Deep down I’m afraid of changing my view of the world (Hey, it’s gotten me this far – why rock the boat?). I might have to do things differently. I might see things differently. What would I tell my friends and family if my opinions change? Will they think less of me? This is what comes up for me when I think of change – maybe it’s different for you.

When it comes to Truth, are you running or hiding (and if you’re running, which direction are you headed)? Think of the things you are spending a lot of time and effort on – were they set in motion by an encounter with Truth?